Dog & Scissors #01 — Gonzo’s Master Plan

July 1st, 2013


They’re becoming more clever… or desperate.


I see your plan, Gonzo. Make an over-produced catchy dance OP and ED and then just wait for the internet to mimic you. It’s not a bad plan. It’s the one thing that everyone remembers Galaxy Angel Rune for. I also feel kind of bad for complaining about the occasional tone hiccups in Kaminai. If those were hiccups, then the first four or five minutes after the in media res opening and dancey OP were an extended retching noise, or to put it in a way that doesn’t involve tortured vomit analogies and instead of moving onto phallic insertion analogies, it did not fit. Maybe if it had come before all the humor and ‘zaniness’ (to stretch the word), but not right in the middle of it. The exposition toward the end was also awful, particularly discussing pen names. And that was apparently supposed to be a joke by the scream of revelation at the end.

Technical production was middling to poor. The music wasn’t too bad, but there were entirely too many of the usual Japanese screams, visual blaring sirens, splash screens, and other forms of that nonsense used to indicate jokes to the slowest of the bunch without the same energy in the visual direction to make them fit well instead of annoying me. It wasn’t exclusively those though, not that I’d say "A woman spy!?" and throwing up a quick reference to the Bond introducton is the height of humor either, but they did show a bit more effort in the humor from time to time besides simply screaming visually or auditorially. Not often, but it was sometimes there.

The occasional glimpses of humor are reason to have a little hope it’ll improve though, especially with more characters to dilute from the screaming dachsund. Well, that and the fact that there’s only two other shows on Monday, one of which is Manglobe. It’s just not very well put together, whether you’re looking at it from structure, direction, or art/animation, and I don’t particularly like or sympathize with either of the characters much. If you take out the dog part of the gimmick too, then you just have yet another of a billion magical girlfriend LN adaptations, right down to trying and failing miserable to mix in some kind of serious bizness over the whining, awful protagonist dying or some crap against the magical girlfriend comically abusing them. Creativity at its finest.


Next Episode:

Doggy business.

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6 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Catz says:

    PETA does not approve.

  • algorithm says:

    Hey look, I’m fixing GONZO with Paint.

    Oh wait, no one cares.

  • The Phantom says:

    Very cheap show, very generic-looking female lead as well. They will most likely run out of jokes and ideas around episode 2~3 and spend the rest of the season screaming…

  • slicendice says:

    An anime centered around animal abuse. Yeahhhhh…. I think I’ll pass.