The 〇〇 Prince and Stony Cat #07 — Return of the Popped Collar

May 25th, 2013


Oh boy. Another episode of melodrama.


I’m just really not buying any of the melodrama, and this episode was laying it on thick as hell. These characters are not capable of supporting it, and certainly not through the oh so exciting storytelling method of standing around yelling character ‘development’ or reveals at each other. You absolutely can mix comedy and drama, but not like this. These aren’t characters actually interacting with each other on any kind of meaningful level. They slip from mediocre at best slapstick to screaming violins and standing in the rain with jerky inconsistency.

Yeah, yeah. I know it’s an obnoxiously common and lazy Japanese way to just fabricate crap on the spot, allowing every single character to remain completely static and passive while building it up around their pasts like layer after layer of stucco, but if you think I’m going to stop complaining about it just because they’re burying me under a mountain of mountains of it, guess again. It’s even worse that it’s never the listened who is ‘changed’ (for approximately 30 seconds) by the telling either, especially in these haremish shows.

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