Sei☆zon Lv2 #09 — IT’S ENDING!

December 15th, 2012


Yes, show. I heard you the first time. You don’t need to spend twenty minutes repeating that.


You know how I absolutely adore self-referential episodes! I guess at least they didn’t get overly melodramatic over it, erring on the side of the all happy smiles about saying ‘goodbye’ and being his harem, but like most of this run, it couldn’t been handled with a lot more grace. The closing moment or two was nice enough, I guess, but it was very by the books and they did spend the entire episode practically screaming "SHOW’S OVER SHOW’S OVER SHOW’S OVER," so that didn’t exactly help matters. Nor did it being predicated on nothing more than the show itself ending. Nor did the obtrusive tour of all the side characters in the first half. "Hey! Remember this character who hasn’t been in the show for two months!? Or this one that had 4 minutes of screentime this season!? SAY BYE BYE!"

It was nice to see them at least trying with the visuals a little bit here after doing jack squat with them for pretty much the entire rest of the season. Still too little far too late, but at least they went out… uh… trying to bunt?

Final Thoughts:

Without any of the visual flair or directoral creativity of the first season, this is really just a shadow of its former self. The art may be a little more consistent, but at the cost of absolutely bloody nothing interesting being done with it. Just glancing back over my old posts reminds me of everything Deen did with the visuals that this didn’t even bother to try. The jokes didn’t always work then, but the whole show had a lot more energy and drive that filled every episode that is simply missing from this iteration.

At least it’s only a shadow and aside from a character or two (namely Chizuru and Ken), it’s still recognizable as the same show, but I really can’t think of a single meaningful thing that this season did better than the first. I guess maybe the occasional mood whiplash problems weren’t as severe, but that’s because everything was flattened out to a dull blandness and most were telegraphed 5-10 minutes before the show actually got to them making the problem one of stretching them out instead of too abrupt shifts.

So no, I’m not going to call it a worthy successor to Deen’s version. It’s not horrible though, just exceptionally plain without any of the heart and soul that really characterized the first season and gave the characters life. Of course, that could just be the bad melodrama that has consumed every single other thing this season talking. Nearly anything is preferable to that.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • ZakuAbumi says:

    Wasn’t there a whole lot more variety to the first season as well? Granted, I’ve only caught up to episode 6 so far due to the lack of subtitles, but I still fondly remember how the prequel didn’t only consist of the student council talking in their room. The sequel’s episodes were more like a “random topic talk of the week” affair or something along the lines of “Ken stumbles upon a girl. Hey, let’s dedicate an episode to her!”. I remember stuff much livelier and with more creativity but that may be just me.

  • anise_punter says:

    Deen would have had the SnI “It’s over!” episode in the middle of the season, because that seems like a total Ichizon thing to do.

  • The Phantom says:

    Although I never liked the first season I have to admit it was much better than this. This season was poorly executed.