Sei☆zon Lv2 #06 — Namaste

November 24th, 2012


You’ve got to be kidding me.


What kind of barn was Minatsu raised in where the appropriate way to greet new people is to stick your head near their crotch and rub their thighs? Then again, Ringo is just socially maladjusted enough for that to possibly be normal. It was also more than a little obvious that the writers had wandered off for this episode when they were still introducing themselves well past the episode’s halfway point. I know I’ve complained about this crap taking up needlessly enormous amounts of time elsewhere this season, but this is taking things to a whole new level. The entire episode was literally just the cast introducing themselves to her while all the rest sat there like glass-eyed morons waiting their turns.

And such hilarious jokes too. Like everyone glaring at Ken in obvious misunderstandings. Or Kurimu introducing herself as a god, so Ringo spent the next few minutes minutes praying to her. Or Ringo interrupting Chizuru with the nonsequitor to ask if she liked Ken. Words cannot express how much I miss the old sadist Chizuru from the first season. She would’ve twisted that, not blushed and cowered. This one is just incredibly incredibly bland. Hell, I’d take Sheepzuru over this one at this point, and I know I’d be sick of that within an episode. At least there’d be one episode where she wasn’t terrible.


Super spies.

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  • jingoi says:

    So Minatsu touches the thighs of a girl she’s just met but Ken just has to say anything (not even erotic) and they twist it and act like he should die……yup, it’s going be while before I get to this.