Sei☆zon Lv2 #04 — An Abundance of Euphoniums

November 11th, 2012


I’m sure AIC thought they were drawing tubas though.


The episode was actually about rules or something. Whatever, yo. It was just an excuse to fill about 5 minutes before splitting people off for more of just a kind of run of the mill Minatsu episode… and definitely needed a more delicate touch. That said, they handled the more dramatic elements probably better than they have for the rest of this season, particularly Minatsu towards the end. Which isn’t to say that I think it was well-handled, mind you, but Minatsu managed to drag herself out of the hole she put herself in early by realizing that she had overreacted and trying to make up for it. The same can’t be said for Ken.

For starters, him becoming insecure literally the moment Minatsu began talking to some random boy was… not a good way to handle that, nor was Minatsu biting off his head and the heads of the girls around him for doing basically the same. This was then followed by internal monologues where both announced to the audience how they felt and why. This is not how you create an emotional response unless your audience are a bunch of robots, in which case they don’t have emotions anyway, and probably just want to eat our medicine for fuel. Similarly, the end bit where she was coming onto him and trying to make up for being a bitch earlier could have been handled better by doing just about anything besides having him internally scream in bloody terror through the entire thing.



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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • kenuran says:

    This episode really got to me in a bad way because it was one of those checkpoints that shows off how much of an impact Ken has made on the girls (Minatsu in this case) by being the silly, perverted yet honest character that he is. Instead of having a bit more care put into it by trying to building the tension between Ken and Minatsu to make their scene at the end bit more meaningful, it just felt a partly like episode 0 where Ken was monologue-ing for 80% of the episode about how he felt during his first year at Hekiyoh and partly like any other episode in this unambitious and energy-lacking 2nd season.

    I mean Minatsu kisses Ken. Thats a huge development considering that Ken is trying to make the girls in the student council into his own harem. As unlikely as that is for something like that to actually happen, its makes it seem that much more possible when the girls actually acknowledge and return Ken’s feelings for the girls back to him. To see a major point like this in a season where the parts that build up to those major points lack most of the energy, the parodies that moved some of the jokes along and the character chemistry and Chizuru actually being a character…

    God this show just vexes me.

  • TOP2NE1 says:

    Super fucking hamfisted episode.

    Shame, since I like Minatsu the most out the four too.