Sei☆zon Lv2 #03 — Violation of Term Limits

November 3rd, 2012


Dinner, bath, or Nakameguro?

Don’t forget that daylight savings ends tonight, and since Japan doesn’t ‘celebrate’ it, that means everything will be effectively airing an hour earlier if you live somewhere that does. 
Tasofro also put out a PV of their upcoming game which looks awkward as hell.


Maybe they only put effort into the odd numbered episodes… which are technically the even numbered episodes since it began with a 00. Not that they’ve reached the level of Deen’s version yet at all, but like episode 1, they actually put some effort into this one and it turned out at least better than the average episode. Everything was also very compartmentalized for this one too, removing a lot of the chemistry and quick back-and-forth that the first season had that kept the humor constant and snappy. There’s still not the manic edge to it nor the wit in the imagined scenarios, and certainly not the mini-arcs and/or insight into the characters generally tucked into the end either. They tried again this week and while they didn’t fall on their face as badly as the first, it was still very tacked on, clumsy, and incredibly trivial.

Anywho, Chizuru still seems completely neutered in this version. If she’s going to be his mistress, then I expect something besides a little head patting. Is that what mistresses do in Japan? Mafuyu’s bit with just throwing him to Nakameguro as her version of life with him also seems like they thought of the joke of "just using him as her personal toy" and then instead of thinking of different ways to do it or escalating humorously through various scenarios, they decided to just take that one joke and stretch it out as long as possible.


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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Wilfriback says:

    “Dinner, bath, or Nakameguro?”


  • jingoi says:

    all that Sugisaki abuse….yeah, going to have to do some mental prep to finish this.