Sei☆zon Lv2 #02 — The Search For Cake

October 27th, 2012


Come on. No detective parodies or anything? Are you even trying, AIC?


Lamer than last week’s episode but still better than the first. The direction remains terrible and doesn’t support any of the humor at all. At least the recycled jokes were gone but there wasn’t really anything put in their place for most of the episode. Someone ate Kurimu’s cake and the entire thing was spent trying to figure out the culprit. Some of the nonsense was insultingly terrible, even for a non-detective thing. "Three peope arrived first. How can this be?" Answer: Two arrived, saw nobody there, left, then came back later. GADZOOKS! That’s not even a mystery. That’s… Good god, I don’t know what you call that. Moronic. And I feel stupider for them even wasting any time on it. It also took them half the episode… and the advisor showing up… for them to remember that their advisor steals their food constantly. Apparently the entire cast has gotten that much stupider in this universe.

Lily/Elis’s little segment was easily the funniest part, but it was completely shoehorned in out of absolutely nowhere and still just consisted of basically just reminding us of what her jokes were. Yes, yes. She says ‘adult’/sexual things about herself, Ken agrees, her sister hits him. That’s about the least possible effort you can possibly put in with that setup. I’d almost rather they did just steal the jokes from last season if they’re going to strip everything that was good out of them instead.


"I’ll bet the beards."

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