Sei☆zon Lv2 #01 — Discretionary Authority

October 20th, 2012


Needs more Echo of Death.


Whew. That’s much better. At least in overall style. The new VAs are taking me some getting used to though, especially Chizuru’s. She’s just so… different. I feel like we’ve already squeezed pretty much all of the jokes out of the first half’s content as we can too. Let’s move on from the self-referentiality now. Please. It could’ve been a nice welcome back if this was the first episode, but after last week also ended with that stuff too… Come on, AIC. Don’t tell me you just watched the opening hook of the first season and have decided that all humor will be that.

Somewhat unfortunately that’s also where they put almost all of the effort into the episode. The second half was a lot less focused on being funny and more focused on being pithy and got especially bland/cheap in the later going. The sudden tonal shifts in the first season also had some whiplash issues, but were typically better integrated into events in progress and/or not wielded with the blunt force of a 100 ton moral lesson swung straight at the audience’s face. Nothing quite gets in the way of what could in theory be a touching moment like the director obtrusively rubbing your face all over it, even when it’s one worthwhile. Kurimu’s temporary fit of insecurity was not that.

So basically still worse than the original, but worlds above last week’s abysmal affair. At least it’s a little hope.


Not the food.

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