Not Sei☆zon #-01 — “gyaru☆Ge”

October 13th, 2012


I know. Let’s use a bitchy character everyone will hate to reintroduce a show!

Sigh. Netcast -> Chinese hardsub with a cursor over part of it. SIGH. I thought we had moved past this, Internet.
Belated Edit: Flipped through Code: Breaker’s second ep. Even flipping through it couldn’t hold my interest. Pretty much identical to the first episode except that the entirety of the action in the episode, namely exploding "Moon Buck’s windows" was already shown in last week’s preview. If you’re going to make a show around super powered people, then have them use their damn super powers already, Japan. It shouldn’t as hard for you to make an X-Men knockoff as it seems to be. There’s also this. Thank you and good night.


Oh boy. Apparently we really are rebooting the entire bloody thing from even before the first episode, and instead of the usual colorful cast of characters, let’s just have Ken and a bitchy, sour bookworm. At least there’s the chance that she will never ever be seen again. God, I hope so. Even the Noto reporter brought more chemistry and humor than she did. The normal cast didn’t even show up period until literally the last two minutes of the episode. And what do we get then? A half-assed rehash of the hook of the first episode of the first season.

Let’s talk production then. Mediocre to poor. That was fun. They may have gotten the art a little more consistent than what Deen did, but only by sacrificing a bundle on animation, because they do absolutely nothing even slightly interesting in that department. Where it really falls apart is the direction though, which was abundantly apparent in the ending segment. Gone is the energy and manic humor of the show, leaving little more than volume. No balance between snarky side comments or actual wit, so all that’s left is shouting or the visual effect of shouting, the smash cut, usually with a cheesy spash effect. And since the only character he had any real interaction with was the bitchy nerd girl, so much for the character interactions too.

Hopefully they do a better job with the entire cast actually together next week, but this was a poor rebooted start.



Man, AIC. What are you doing?

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • bk47 says:

    Post Index needs an update

  • ShuffleAir says:

    The only thing I see in the preview is boobs and Ken’s ass. What are you doing AIC?

  • Afrosquirrel says:

    The prophecy has been fulfilled. There is no second season.

  • The Phantom says:

    This sucked… next episode has to be good or I’m dropping this shit.

    I think this is the season in the last 5 or so year where I’m watching the fewest shows.

    I usually watch 4-8 shows per season, this season I’m watching …Pet girl, and magi… thats it. (Magi is an awesome show), in fact I would be pissed at the lame season if were not for Magi cause almost everything has sucked HARD so far.

  • Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but DEEN would have done a better job.