Upotte!! #01 — Hot For Teacher

April 7th, 2012


Why did this entire episode revolve around a girl’s crotch?


I feel a little betrayed here. Sexualizing things unnecessarily is my schtick. FNC sees her new teacher holding a popgun like an assault rifle and spends the entire rest of the episodes getting increasingly moist while thinking about him holding her. Meanwhile, 95% of his contribution to the episode was fussing over her crotch and what was covering it. Hell, he didn’t even get eyes until about 20 minutes into the episode. The music’s also a bit weird here, especially at the start. It did get better, and given how many shows have been outright obnoxious with their BGM this season thus far, I feel like I should credit it for actually being turned off when it should and being used to selectively enhance scenes instead of just being turned on and then left to run because the director can’t be assed to think. Production’s fine too. No major complaints or props to be had there.

Unfortunately though, the sexual metaphors and FNC squirming her thighs together and blushing are just about all the show has going for it in terms of humor. And it drove the gun/sex joke into the ground absolutely mercilessly. Well, sometimes it steals semi-racist jokes from Hetalia too, but this time, with girls. Some panty shots would probably liven things up or at least provide some eyecandy. To its credit, it avoided the painful introductions to its bizarre girls = guns premise at the start. To less of its credit, it just shoved that to the second half when it sat down and listed things out, including a particularly bizarre segment where it just literally gave a lecture about the actual guns with occasional groping in the interim to make sure people who weren’t gun nuts were still paying attention. This is Xebec after all.



Balloon fight.

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  • GF202020 says:

    >One of the main characters has a covered odango as a hairstyle


  • Jack says:

    Yes! A Van Halen reference.

    Thought the episode as “okay”. No great shakes, but not horrendously bland like the “Polar Bear Cafe”. I didn’t think the production was all that great. The shooting was probably where most of the budget went.

    The one aspect I don’t understand is this:

    – Are the girls THE gun?

    The reason I ask is we always see them HOLDING guns…and shooting them, but it’s not like the girl is standing there one minute and the next minute, there’s just a gun with school clothing scattered about (because why would a gun need clothing?).

    Or am I missing something? Is the girl shooting the gun just a metaphor for a gun floating in the air self firing?


  • CucarachaEnojada says:

    …and now,the girls can penetrate you from a distance.

  • Anise_Punter says:

    “Some panty shots would probably liven things up or at least provide some eyecandy”

    This is Xebec, right? Are you saying there weren’t? I know MM was able to hold off for a while (specials excluded) but is this like a new, somewhat less-lecherous Xebec at work?

  • longhaul says:

    The manga is filled with gun information, as long as they keep from flat out infodumping all the time it should translate ok.

  • U.Renko says:

    FN P90 is my waifu.
    If she appears, that is

  • sams says:

    I am kind of a gun enthusiast … so this one was great for me, and I loved it.

    It felt like Bent-to, in the sense that it can’t be bothered to explain the premise, and is aware of the how ridiculous it is.

    I love it.