C³ #13 — Time Has Stopped

April 26th, 2012


Lesbians are at work.

The two OVA episodes that came out today are pretty much a death sentence for my interest in SenColle. We’ll see if Shining Hearts pans out (nyuk).


Can’t say it was the best of episodes. This was your DVD special, C3. I don’t expect a big arc, but the wet shirts weren’t even that wet. The girls lathering each other up were even that lathery. You spent 30 seconds on a joke about Haruaki jamming things into Fear in your normal run. I expect you to at least match that if you’re going to get every girl naked and then stick them in oil drums. Especially if you’re going to also hint at a slime monster roaming around. Kuroe’s not far from that, but you’d still expect her to at least actually slime one of them.

Shiraho of all people ended up being the one to mostly carry the side, between her timestop abilities protecting Sov and getting caught… doing things… to Sov’s pillow. Most of the rest was pretty phoned in. The monster was never convincing in the first place nor did it really feel like they were even trying with the whole "Fear’s afraid of spiders" bit. There was a lot more they could’ve done with it, especially with Kuroe besides just the obvious which they drove into the ground repeatedly. At least it had that usual Silver Link flair that keeps it from being visually stale, but that’s about it. 


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Jambo says:

    Ah, I missed this show, even if it wasn’t a classic, it was still fun. It was visually very entertaining.

    • Jack says:

      Agreed. I loved this show. Still hoping for a second season.

      • Jambo says:

        Yep, I would go bonkers if they did. Also hoping the novels will end up getting translated to English one day (sigh).