Not-Shana â…¢ #21 — Main Characters? What Main Characters?

March 2nd, 2012


Not to be confused with Not-Shana.

Just to note it somewhere because I’ve skipped covering a rather lot of movies/ovas over the last week, Yada Yada Lovesong Yada Pilot put me to sleep about 15 minutes in, even after a bombing, Clockwork Angeloid began with forty minutes of recap and recycled footage from the series, Hellsing’s second episode in the last 19 months or so had one merely okay fight amidst flashbacks, rape, and people standing around staring at each other while Alucard wins his fights the same way that he always does, and JL:Doom may be the worst DCAU thing I’ve watched in years. "Okay, these are Batman’s ultimate flawless plans to kill the Jusitce League. Cheetah, this time, your plan will be… attack Wonder Woman… AND POISON HER! Star Sapphire, you attack Green Lantern… AND POISON HIM! Ma’alefa’ak, you attack Martian Manhunter and… POISON HIM! Mirror Master, strap this bomb to Flash’s arm… and PUT IT ON A TIMER!" What are you even doing, DC writers?


I think JC Staff is just trying to piss me off at this point. I sure hope you don’t like seeing Shana or Yuuji because after the 3:30 mark, they completely vanish from the episode so we can see what all the other Flame Hazes that had no real introduction or reason to care about them are doing against Denizens that we’ve had no real introduction to. Except for the few minutes where we check in on Yoshida and Johan. Standing in a dream field. Chatting. It’s not like there’s a battle for THE FATE OF THE WORLD going on like the other characters won’t shut the hell up about. But look here! It’s Pheles napping. And Johan is happy. This is so important right now.

And then the cliffhanger is that the Mystery Mobile is shot up.


Well, if I had to say anything, at least the animation overall is slightly better than usual this week, but still nowhere near good enough to be able to sit back and enjoy it for just eyecandy. Focusing on a bunch of characters fighting ultimately pointless battles against pointless monsters while the battle that is important is apparently just the main characters glaring at each other for twenty straight minutes while they wait for everybody else to resolve their crap is just… I just want this to be over.


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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • jingoi says:

    JL Doom was bleh for me, can’t beat Batman Under the Red Hood or Superman/Batman Public Enemies.

    I don’t give two sh1ts for Not-Shana, however my interest in rule 34 Shana….

  • eternia says:

    This season 3 is a failure.
    It’s so obvious and undeniable.
    Those gods of earth never have a proper introduction or explanation, yet they jumped on battles with their “I am holier-than-thou” attitude. And most deaths we saw are the deaths of minor characters nobody cares about.
    Just… BLEH!

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m concerned with the lack of bath scenes Shana has had this series, surely this is a factor in the creation of Xanadu?

  • kaon says:

    thanks you so much¡¡