Not-Shana â…¢ #23 — Stern Elephant… AWAY!!

March 16th, 2012


Who the hell are these people?


Instead of discussing the incomprehensible technobabble deus ex machina (quite literally!) that went absolutely nowhere, let’s discuss the elephant in the episode. As in… Why is there an elephant in the episode? Seriously now. Yuuji’s giving his final speech to Bal Masque, and listening to him is a stern-looking elephant… which then flies into the air. Granted, it’s overshadowed after that by the winnebago driving off into the air. And then there’s this guy. Was he even in the show before? They had literally about 10 seconds of reactions from random people that haven’t had a part in the show for weeks, some for months, ending with him looking shocked. Who is this cypher? Is he the one who will pull the sword from the stone and lead the Britons?

Anyway, in our other "crazy antagonist builds tower towards the moon world egg" show for the day, the world finishes relatively uneventfully although every single character looks shocked by it. Maybe it was all the horrible CG effects. I think they ran out of the budget over the last few episodes. Then all the CG denizens go jumping up to it turn into sparklies. Aaaand that’s about it. Shana and Yuuji barely remembered that they were a part of the ‘climax’ to their own show again, and I think there’d be even less screentime for them if they didn’t need to pull the snake out of him. I think they had a whole four minutes of screentime this week. I’m so glad they remembered to show up for the finale.

Oh yeah, and then Khamsim died turned into sparklies. The impressive part is that he apparently lasted twenty minutes without having half his body. I think. It’s hard to tell. He may have just had his clothes blown off and secretly been a woman. JC Staff has been known to censor things by covering them in a blinding white glare. It didn’t really look any different from that and is far more amusing.



Bear cavalry vs mecha. God, I wish I was kidding..

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  • God Word Mayday says:

    Fail Aroduc. Clearly you never read the novel (and the expansion, The Eternal Song) to even understand this show.

    All you good is Nasuverse and will ever be.