Black★Rock Shooter #05 — Lesbian Mindmeld

March 1st, 2012


This particular Thursday is apparently trying to set a new record for stupidity.


Well, at least they kicked the action back up a little bit. In exchange, the character lost even more character in their never-ending quest to become creatures made out of pure angst. I think the ‘highlight’ of the incomprehensible writing was the counselor woman suddenly beginning to strangle Kuroi then stop and go "just kidding." Kuroi freaked out about it for a few seconds, then just went off to play basketball where she took a ball in the head. Then was nearly run over while having flashback visions with DRAMA PIANO blaring until her inner voice led her to Yuu where Yuu uses a mindmeld to shove her into the Otherworld right as her other self kills Yomi’s other self. This is just after good ol’ BRS took a giant scythe right to the face with no ill effects mind you. At least they’re being consistent with how every single thing is completely and utterly arbitrary. Meanwhile, Yomi has gone completely insane because "her heart is dead" and is now trying to cut up everything around her.

I miss when my Thursdays were just full of breasts instead of things designed to make me question my own sanity.


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  • Kitsu says:

    I think you are more dramatic than this serie. If you lost your sanity that mean you minds was always weak. Ha-ha, you are funny guy

  • sage says:


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    • Aroduc says:

      Great. Now you reminded me that Polyphonica existed. I hope you’re proud of yourself.

  • Kefit says:

    Drama piano more like that one bgm from Angel Beats.

    Also, is this show actually about anything? At all? Because it certainly doesn’t sound like it.