Flame Hazes Sitting In a Circle And Talking â…¢#17 — Oh Boy! Eita!

February 3rd, 2012


It seems like a more accurate title.


There aren’t words enough for how depressing it is to come from Symphogear to Yet Another Episode of Flame Hazes Sitting in A Circle Talking. You’d think with all these budget-friendly slow pans over inanimate talking clothing accessories (I bet Marco gets teased at reunions because he’s the only one that can’t be worn), they’d be actually using the budget for something else, but no. It even bleeds over into the ED. Stop, JC Staff. Just stop. Less is more. You have surpassed the point where 95% of your show is exposition. It is time to cease this.

And then, to my completely enraptured surprise, they mixed things up slightly in the second half, dumped all the Flame Hazes and instead had Yuuji monologue at the two most important characters in the entire Shana franchise, Yoshida and Eita. Seriously. Without their support, how can his master plan of creating a new world ever hope to succeed? It may just be impossible.

I remember when you use to be about girls on fire fighting monsters that were trying to eat a city, Shana. I remember when you used to be cool. Well, not cool, but at least not being outdone by your lesser harem fantasy knockoff sister. How the times have changed…



It looks like Afro Skeleton got caught in the rain.

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  • ROJUmeoliet says:

    I sure hope SOMETHING actually happens next episode.