C³ #10 — Stoned Nurses

December 3rd, 2011


God, what an annoying character.


I really can’t say that I like how they handling Kirika too much here. After revealing that there has indeed been an incident and Alice taunts them into coming after her, that whole thing just kind of gets dropped for awhile for Kirika to spit out a whole lot of insecurity and angsting due to her bondage clothes (or maybe just the murder-ribbon part) snapping fingers, limbs, and necks, and it finally starts getting to her. Elsewhere, Fear’s the one doing detective work and just sums it up for Haruaki and Konoha at the end. At least somebody’s focused on the supposed murder.

And that’s the main problem with Kirika’s stuff right now, it has no real tie to what’s going on with Alice and Kuroe, the latter of which was supposedly more suspicious in this episode (I don’t buy that for a second though), making this more of two completely disparate episodes barely stitched together. They really should be trying to find ways to tie in Kirika to what’s going on better. Have her be part of the unfortunately brief fight or something when her powers go a little out of control and put someone in danger. Also, maybe I just haven’t been paying attention (it does tend to wander often), but I don’t remember them ever showing that Konoha’s glasses were a seal on both her darker side and her hair color before. I’m pretty sure I would have made some kind of joke about that.

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One Lonely Comment

  • The Phantom says:

    I liked this episode, is kind of a setup only but it came with some hints of twists:

    It seems that Konoha also has a psycho murder mode, Im not sure what triggered it though but it seems related to Haruaki.

    The loli, I know is very unlikely to be, but seriously it would be awesome that she is a murderer, that gotta be a big tasty twist, but seeing that she is in the opening well we know is not gonna happen.

    kiriko idk she seems to have more secrets, very possible that she will betray everyone at some point.

    All in all this is my favorite show of the season by far.