C³ #06 — OBEY!

November 5th, 2011


Sure thing, crazy girl.


Silver Link should probably talk to Zexcs the next time they need someone to handle English for them. Sovereignty isn’t as good an antagonist so far as Borovoi was, but she’s not bad either. Just a fairly typical "hate all humans" type, but like I seem to be saying a lot this season, there’s elegance in simplicity, particularly when you use the time to focus on the core cast of characters instead of giving every single villain some kind of tragic backstory about being raped by ferris wheels or something. There’s probably one coming for her anyway, but we’ll burn that bridge when get there. I also loved the music during the fight. The choreography and animation wasn’t as good as most of the Boro fights, but they nailed the music and tone.

What annoys me more is the addition of a new squeeky chesty character whose sole purpose seems to be to slam her breasts into everything. Konoha already sort of had that role, but was apparently too competent for the show, so they needed someone useless to trip over things and whatnot. Maybe she’ll tie in a little better in succeessive episodes, and whenever you’ve got a puppet master character, you almost automatically have to have someone who is secretly a puppet themselves. Every other character that has had more than 5 lines in an episode has also been a secret ninja in the show so far too, so there’s always that. Or maybe she’ll just be the generic damsel in distress for this arc as the end seemed to indicate. Anyway, hopefully she’s not just the ditzy titbeast stumbling into things and rubbing her chest on everything that she was this week.

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7 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • AGear2Ax says:

    It’s just me or isn’t it weird for teddies to come with “weapons”? and who is the genius to think that a teddy can be a mortal “weapon”/puppet?

  • clazy says:

    this show looks like bakatest but with less quality animation wise… would you recommend it or is it skippable?

    • Aroduc says:

      The artistic direction alone is excellent, particularly compared to certain other shows I could name, but has also done a great job keeping the action up for an action show, which is unfortunately rare in anime. The writing is just a bit too heavy handed at times which gets in the way of the characters being all that strong and the first episode is… really not good.

  • ThatGuy says:

    There’s something unimpressive about beating down a bunch of stuffed dolls with overly flashy moves…

    But I loved the over the top spear throw at the buff red-eyed guy. The panning shot afterwards showing that she was 4 feet away when she threw it had me rolling on the ground laughing.