Galaxy Angel – The End of Eternal Love

September 17th, 2011

Well, mostly the end.

 Bumped this up a bit just for a little more personal pimping for the slow days.

Eternal Lovers English Patch v98 (Edit: Ugh. If you downloaded before 9/13/11 8pm PST, redownload it. I accidentally put in the wrong file and it messed up some graphical indexing)
Subtitled Movie files — Mirror (Yes, I know the movies are large. Broccoli wasn’t exactly an ace at codecs back in 2004)

Please go here for the most up to date patches.

Thank you as usual to everyone who helped. TK and P for hacking, and my one lonely little editor. EL is actually built on a very different engine and internal structure than GA and ML, so that’s been fun for all. And yet, the only changes are somewhat better graphics and the inclusion of a mode where you can very very awkwardly fly an Emblem Frame yourself. ‘Fun.’


I’ve all but mentally checked out of Eternal Lovers and Galaxy Angel in general with an extreme case of translation senioritis, so here it is. Everything’s done except for stray editing and corrections, and probably about 10% of the interface, but other than the video configurations… which aren’t even available if you’re playing it in a window like a sane person… it’s very little important, and even less so if you’ve already played the first two. Maybe if the images weren’t handled in the dumbest possible way, with 500 unorganized individual images, each color of button being on its own (and unorganized, remember), plus all the image ‘text’ being white on a blank background. Why can’t you just put this crap on a sprite sheet like sane people, Broccoli? Or just use bloody text boxes?


And no, I will not be moving on to the PS2 GAs. I like GA as a series overall, but Broccoli was definitely already starting to run out of ideas here with the recycled jealousy plots between ML’s Chitose and EL’s Lushati, not to mention that Vanilla’s entire route doesn’t make a great deal of sense and Forte’s route is… well… it’s barely even there. Even the art in the later routes looks like Broccoli was completely phoning it in. The writing problems just get worse in GA2, although I will admit that Nano-nano’s route in the first of the trilogy is quite good. And rather… dark… for the GA series in general. Besides, there are lots of other fun games out there that I really like that would never see the light of the English world otherwise. Just a shame most of them feel the need to be pornographic. Thank you, Daibanchou. I still cringe when I think about your 5,000 or so lines of nothing but terrible Japanese moaning.


Anyway, the adventure of about two and a half years is pretty much done. Whee. Remind me to never take on a trilogy of anything ever again.

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18 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Anonymous says:

    Forte and Ranpha confirmed for lesbians?

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d guess you were joking there lol, but just in case :P


      They’re actually trying to help Milfie remember her relationship with Takuto after she gets amnesia about halfway through the game (on her route, obviously), by “renacting” *cough* what the two were like. With obvious exaggerations. ^^b

  • trexene says:

    recently i was checking out on this VN, little to no H involved(well, cleaner than say, most of the anime on the shelf now)

    its kind of fate/stay nightish storyline where 13characters are forced to battle each other with their “magic”. With intense battle scenes and interesting character settings, i find it more interesting than fsn itself at times.

    • Aroduc says:

      I’m already a good 15-30% or so through working on something else, but still have a good ~40,000+ lines to go. Sort of. The definition of line in this case has a number of issues as well as a ton of garbage lines that don’t need to be touched. Anyway, I’m already working on something that’ll probably take to the obligatory site birthday post.

  • Nanaya says:

    I smell burnout, disappointment and shame. Well, congratulations and good job on finishing it.

    I’m assuming this means you’re not going to jump onto translating f/ha or school days. That was a joke.

  • trexene says:

    maybe you might want to consider this as your next project, then I might be able to help if you don’t mind my japanese level~

  • Anonymous says:

    how do you put it into window mode?

  • NightShadow2239 says:

    Thanks again for the continued translations. Until the day I learn how to awkwardly read Japanese like a 5th grader, I will always look forward to your translations. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to help with future translation projects. Cheers

  • Anonymous says:

    Today was not the nicest of days, so great news like this is very welcome, indeed. Thanks a lot.

  • Yue says:


    Got to admit that the GA: Eternal Lovers is far more entertaining and has more replay value than the recent space-combat sims or RTS for the PC.

    This AWESOME translation project made the game more appealing and accessible to 90% of GA fans. Aroduc is the world’s savior, I’d wish you star in your own doujin game. ^^;

  • Anonymous says:

    “I’m already a good 15-30% or so through working on something else, but still have a good ~40,000+ lines to go”

    So when can we learn the name of that project? i dont know the date of site’s birthday and it would be great if you could us something like “i’ll tell the project’s name at october”.

    Anyway congratulations and thank you very much for finishing it,awasome translate speed as always.

    • Nanaya says:

      There is between 15 and 30 percent done. Over 40k lines remain. This would give an estimate of a total of some 47k+ to 60k+ lines.

      I’m assuming Aroduc worked on this project only in the past month-ish, give or take weeks, as Galaxy Angel would have been in the touch-up state with no from-scratch tl work being done. As he gets used to this game’s flow, progress will get faster by margins, but there will also be lag considering the number of repeat dialog there is that have to be recognized and checked.

      So, in from the amount of estimated time spent there, we can assume that the % completion each few weeks will reach the mid-upper teens. At this pace, it would be done around November.

      Elementary estimate deduction based only on what you know off the top of your head, shouldn’t take less than a second if you’re not writing it out. Or I could just look up the site’s birthday.

    • Aroduc says:

      There’s nothing really to gain for me by announcing it. Maybe when I’m further in and need some editing work done, but for now… meh.

      • Anon says:

        If anything, revealing it just puts yourself at risk of a C&D. Hope at least that it isn’t a title where you drive yourself crazy translating Japanese moans again.

  • Anonymous says:

    Awwww, no Galaxy Angel II? :(

    Just kidding. (though I DO love GA2)

    Thanks and great work as always. Nice to be reminded that there are people who put themselves through the wringer to make good works available to people who can’t normaly enjoy it because they don’t understand the original language.

  • Passerby says:

    You know, you almost had me convinced for a moment that I didn’t really want to play GA2. I was getting comfortable with it being sour grapes. But then you go “oh, one of the routes is good stuff”.


    Regardless, thank you for translating Eternal Lovers. I’m sure lots of people have been looking forward to this and are glad you took the time and effort to get it across the language barrier. I hope our gratitude will make you feel somewhat better about taking on the project in hindsight.

  • Juan David Uribe says:

    Guys, i’ve been playin in my windows 7 pc, but when i start the first fight,the game crashes and stops working, i mean there isnt even a warning message, it just stops, can someone help me plz?? thx