Heaven’s Lost Property Æ’ #06 — Idiots, Tests, and Naked Angels

November 5th, 2010


Is BakaTest’s OVA out yet? No? Sigh.


Crappy episode on the comedy side… and for about the first 15 minutes. BakaTest already did this entire spiel and did it with a lot more class and creativity. They actually had to manufacture a bunch of characters on the spot to even get this underway. And they couldn’t even throw Tomoki a bone with his extensive knowledge of the female body or war tactics for peeping but had to resort to lame jokes about him knowing the color of people’s underwear and the like. Not to mention that the entire sequence was wielded like a clumsy blunt object. First everybody says what subject they suck at, then they immediately buzz in when that subject is called. Astraea is the only one who gets a bye for that kind of forced stupidity.

Thankfully, the last quarter or so of the episode, while still not very funny and too montagey (which should be a word if it isn’t) for my tastes, was very cute. Astraea finally got a long overdue proper little welcome to the group and was more adorable as a foil for Tomoki’s own stupidity when he stowed the groping for a few minutes. Of course, just to remind you that there are overtures of a plot somewhere in here, they had to stick in some laser shooting and reiterating that somebody without eyes made a new Angeloid. Maybe these people wouldn’t be so antagonistic if they could see from underneath their giant bangs that cast shadows over their entire faces. Get a haircut, you hippies!

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