Penguin Girl ♥ #21 — Sakura-Etorafu Double Straight MAX

November 7th, 2008


Go go Friendship Power!


My question here… what happened to Marie during all this chaos? They showed her body lying on the ground at the start, but then she conveniently disappeared for the rest of the episode. I just hope they’re discretely trying to make us forget that she’s lurking up there as well to ‘surprise’ us when she comes to Pengy and Kujira’s rescue next episode. If there isn’t a triple Whitebear-Sakura-Etorafu Triple Straight Max Heart next episode, I am going to be severely disappointed. Severely.

Everything went pretty much 100% as expected though. Pengy tried and failed, called out to Kujira, and then the two teamed up to really really piss off the woman. I guess she’s named Kurobara (Black Rose for the forgetful), though I’m still going to say that she’s Pengy’s long lost mother or older sister or crazy aunt or something. I’m not sure the general audience of this show is ready for a serious crazy villainess, even one that builds towers out of thorns and employs people specializing in attacking with business cards. Whatever the punchline is here, we’ve been working a long way for it, though there’s really no way that it can top the Whitebear giant naked world destroying brawl.

Also, ravaged Pengy is pretty hot.

 Rose tells Pengy that there’s nothing she can do, but Pengy fires right back that she’s in Etorafu cosplay.

Kujira keeps climbing up the thorn tower while all the rest look on from below. Xia cheers for her and Kaede thinks about Kaede getting ready to climb up.

 Kaede wanted to call the helicopter, but Kurjira said to leave it to her. Kujira continues her climb, the thorns tearing at her clothes as she goes.

Pengy rushes to the attack with an Etorafu Kick and Straight. She’s confused when she misses though. She should be more powerful in her cosplay. Rose declares that it’s over and swings her whip and tears up Pengy’s headband, ruining her Etorafu cosplay.

Pengy collapses to her knees and Rose taunts her. Pengy tries to run away in fear, and Rose is happy to see that face on her.

She tries to hide behind the statue of herself, but Rose beheads it. She crawls away, crying for Kujira’s help. She flashes back briefly to telling Kujira that she’d save her on her own.

Rose takes the opportunity to whip Sakura’s pert little bottom and wonders aloud where Pengy thinks she’s going. Pengy looks down from the edge and realizes that she’s trapped. Rose closes in and Pengy cowers. She flashes back again to slapping Kujira and realizes how cruel she was.

Rose rushes forward and whips. Pengy screams. Below them, Kujira hears Pengy and  redoubles her efforts.

As she’s being flayed, Pengy wonders why she tought of Kujira and that she’s not actually a hero at all even though she likes to pretend that she is one. She needs Kujira. Rose’s whip is suddenly grabbed and Pengy falls into Kujira’s arms.

 Kujira asks if Pengy’s okay. Pengy asks if she came for her sake, but Kujira goes into her embarassed stammering routine. Kujira yells at her for being an idiot, and Pengy tells her that she’s an idiot for calling her an idiot. They quickly make up and Kujira sort of apologizes.

Rose interrupts the moment angrily demanding who is interfering.

She pulls the whip and yanks Kujira away from Pengy. Kujira yells at Pengy to stay back and gets up, ready to fight. Rose starts whipping Kujira mercilessly. Kujira can block some, but gets backed up to the edge.

 Rose readies to finish her off, but Pengy grabs her, saying that Kujira is her most important friend. Rose is stunned, letting Kujira rush forward and land an Etorafu Straight.

Rose immediately gets up and Pengy starts panicking again. Kujira says that they’ll do it together, but Pengy thinks that she can’t. Kujira calls her stupid and tells her to believe in it.

The two charge up then rush Rose for a Sakura/Etorafu Double Straight Max, blasting Rose back through the Pengy statue. Pengy declares their Friendship Power unbeatable.

There’s no body in the rubble though. Rose stands behind them, pissed off as all hell. She opens her eyes and has gone berserk.

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  • sage says:

    I’d hit that until only dust remains.

  • bob says:

    sage sage sage… where whould we be without you?

  • Curio says:

    So her shirt is essentially destroyed:

    Yet it magically stays in place:

    Special material perhaps? o__O

  • Newprimus says:

    Magnetic breasts!!

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