Penguin Girl ♥ #18 — The Balls and Bears

October 18th, 2008


Absolutely horrifying.


Boo. We had been doing so well lately, a 14 minute, a 15 minute, and a 13 minute episode… and this week about 10 and a half minutes. Minute 3 minutes for OP/ED and another 30+ seconds for the advertisement and preview and this one almost took longer to download than it did to watch.

In a somewhat weird turn of events, most of the episode was focused on Kare, the cross dressing goth loli man maid of the White Knights. He was the only one unaffected by Riff’s hallucinogen gas, and I do have to say that the testicles in the panties at the end were… unnerving. I kept expecting him to flip up his skirt to prove his identity to the others and then hilarious misunderstandings about Marie or whoever they were currently hallucinating to result, but no… just a little teabagging action for poor Riff. Admittedly, she did deserve it, but it’ll take quite a bit of bleach to remove that image from my brain.

Pengy and redhead stare each other down. In the hole below, the White Knights and the incompetent Black Rose girl (Riff) try to think of how to get out. As it turns out, she set off one of the smoke devices to make sure they all stay in there. The White Knights threaten her for the key to turn it off, but she says that she’ll be killed by their pres if she hands it over.


There’s no helping it then, the White Knights will just take it by force.

They all leap down to attack, but Kare (the crossdresser) gets punched away. Kujira’s here to stop them, and Mary turns to fight her. Kare pulls herself up and sees all the White Knights fighting with each other.

Riff explains that the gas is a hallucinogen and her mission can’t possibly fail now. It’s a shame that it doesn’t work on Kare. Riff throws another smoke ball at Kare’s feet, but that just annoys her more.

Riff calls out to Mary, Maguro and Kiyomi, and the hallucination makes Riff appear to be Marie. She orders them to deal with Kare. They all attack, but Kare immediately loses his temper and drops a rock on the girls. Kare turns back to Riff, but Kiyomi tries to stop him. Riff asks why he’s so devoted to Marie.

Kare flashes back to Marie finding him as a starving child in a blizzard and living/growing up (complete with operatic bass singing) in luxury and comfort. Kare tells Riff that Marie saved them, and inches forward to attack Riff with Kiyomi still clinging to her leg.

Riff starts to panic, but Maguro knocks out Kare and he falls on top of Riff. With his panties in Riff’s face, she realizes the testicular truth and is zonked.

Inside, Marie and the president watch. They move things on to Pengy’s group.

Aka gets ready to attack, but Pengy starts dancing around and ranting about justice. Aka just throws one of her ninja business cards into Pengy’s head and knocks her out.

Back at the school, Kujira is moping around and thinking about Pengy running off like a spoiled brat. She remembers Xia being disappointed in her too. Below her, Kaede leaves the school, looking for her idiot sister. 

Xia Ci gets ready to fight Aka next. Aka throws of her cloak to reveal her serious battle suit and throws a barrage of cards at Xia.

Back at school, Kujira tells Kaede where her sister ran off to. Kaede immediately pulls out her phone to call Pengy and tells Kujira that they need to go too, but Kujira says that she won’t. From the cell phone, they hear a girl scream.

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2 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • DmonHiro says:

    Kujira is beeing a stubborn bitch in this one

  • Megaman0 says:

    Yeah the first panty shot in like 3-4 episode is a dude in drag…grumble…