Penguin Girl ♥ #16 — The Love That Crosses Time

October 3rd, 2008


Oh hey, a show that’s not a premier.


An alright, if fairly predictible end to this little mini-arc. Any time you mess with time, it’s practically required to show that the future is worse than when you began yada yada yada ends in lesbian marriage. At least Kujira didn’t end up with breast implants and engaged to Biff Tannen. While cute, there really wasn’t all that much humor in this episode either, though I did giggle every time they said "Time Penguin." Nene is also rather fetching in her formal red dress. Pengy’s alright in her wedding dress too I guess, but I like her white dress with pony tail from the OP more. Ah well, Kujira made her own (lesbian) bed with this one.

Picking right up where we left off, Future-Kujira saves loli-Pengy, but loli-Kujira ruins the mood by trampling all over Pengy’s feelings saying that she likes Future-Kujira. That was quite a sentence. Pengy runs off in tears.

Kujira yells at her younger self before walking away. She mopes for a little bit, but then hops in the time machine and heads home.

Back in the present, everything is changed…

The Whitebear tower has taken over and Pengy’s building is completely gone. Even the school belongsto Whitebear now. Nene walks up and greets Kujira. Kujira shakes her and asks what happened to Pengy… Nankyouku Sakura, but Nene just recongnizes the name as someone that Marie  took down. Kujira runs off to find Pengy.

Down by a bridge, Pengy, Seb and Kaede are cooking their food in abject poverty, with only a single anime figure to fangirl over. Kujira looks at them for a moment, then runs off, repeating to herself that it’s all her fault. Memories of Pengy smiling and having fun with all of them flash their her head, along with all the good she did. She screams out her apology.

She hops back into the Time Penguin and teleports back into the past. She runs past her future past self and finds loli Kujira who starts rambling about how cool Future-Kujira2 is. When asked about Pengy, Loli-Kujira is a bit sad that she won’t get to see that girl again, so Kujira tells her they’ll search for her together and the two run off.

Loli-Kujira eventually finds Pengy surrounded by three bullies who are harassing her. She rushes to Pengy’s aid, but they’ve got an older friend there this time who beats up loli-Kujira.

Big Kujira shows up, but stops herself from getting involved. She watches her loli self get up and charge the bullies. She ducks beneath his punch and Etorafu STRIKE and Etorafu KICKS her way to victory. She turns to the others, but they run off.

Loli-Kujira tells Pengy that she’s a little happy that Pengy called her Pengy’s first love. Kujira shows the mark on her back to Pengy, and Pengy gets all excited saying that they’re now promised to marry.

Everything right with the world, Future-Kujira and her Time Penguin fade to nothing. The other Kujira returns to the present where Nene greets her, saying that it’s almost time for the wedding. Pengy comes in dressed in a wedding dress.

Kujira tries to figure out what’s going on, but Pengy whipsout a cellphone picture of the mark on Kujira’s back, proving that she’s a guy (kanji means man/husband). Seb rings a bell and the maids haul Kujira off to be Pengy’s groom.

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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Haesslich says:

    …. huuuuh?

    If she gets hitched to Pengy because of that ‘mark’, does this make this accidental yuri? I guess the lesson here is ‘time travel sucks’. ;)

  • bob says:

    i approve of this!!! time travel rules

  • Syaoran Li says:

    Doc. Emmmett Bronw will be pround of her. Way to go for this semi-shoujo-ai end.