September 20th, 2008


Pengy’s head explodes!


Another pretty short episode bulked up by the annoying advertisement girl. I don’t really know what to think of Saki yet… she doesn’t really have much of a personality and as far as this episode went, she was basically just there to give Pengy an excuse to spazz out. It was cute and all, but it’s hard to get excited about what was essentially a mannequin  for the majority of the episode. There was also a lot of Kujira on Pengy violence this episode, which makes me wonder where Xia Ci and Nene were. The two usually mediate that pretty well or at least mix things up a bit. This was just the same joke pretty much over and over again building up to the ultra GALAXY MOE declaration.

Well, whatever, it was mostly enjoyable, though like most episodes, 8 minutes is far too short. *sigh*


At a student council meeting, Pengy’s pitching for a trip out to Akihabara for some anime that she wants. Kujira will have none of that, but Pengy says that since she lost, she has to obey Pengy. That results in a severe beating and the student council meeting begins.


Today they’re discussing clubs, but Pengy suddenly sees something that sets her heart aflutter. There’s a girl sitting in the back, shy, and dressed in winter clothes, a true mysterious beautiful lovely girl. Pengy’s entranced until Kujira smacks her upside the head again.

Pengy wants to know who the girl is. Kujira has no clue, so assumes it’s a transfer student. Of course, all great stories begin with a mysterious transfer student. 


Pengy’s internal vision centers in on the girl to list her moe qualities and she tries to talk to the poor kid, but she doesn’t answer. That doesn’t put off Pengy at all and she glomps the kid. She introduces herself and wants to trade cell numbers etc etc and starts petting the girl while Kujira yells at her.

Pengy redresses her as appropriate… in a maid uniform. It’s the special student council costume. 


Kujira understandably annoyed, but Pengy goes on a deep spelunking mission to make sure her panties are approrpiate. She emerges, saying that everything is perfect. TERRA MOE DESU.

Kujira beats Pengy senseless and then apologizes to the kid, but the kid isn’t bothered by Pengy’s antics.


In fact, she’s a bit happy. Pengy’s cell phone yodels (no really) and she gets a message from the girl, Hojiro Saki. Kujira’s heard that name before… and looks into the girl’s book to see volumes and volumes of manga. She realizes that Saki’s the same as Pengy and collapses in defeat.


Pengy sticks Saki’s head between her chest and declares that they’ll be together.

On the way home from school, Pengy and Saki walk together. Kujira follows along. They come to a run down house and Kujira recognizes it as belonging to that White Bear. Maguro comes out of the door and throws Pengy and Kujira back. Kujira lands on her feet. Pengy… does not. Kujira yells at Maguro, and gets a happy happy cell phone message. It continues, saying that Saki is her important sister.


Pengy’s internal vision keeps filling in the moe qualities. It’s the legendary mysterious maid rival sister I lost track of all the adjectives here "GALAXY MOE." Kujira and Maguro beat Pengy around before Kujira drags her off.

In her diary, Saki writes about how much fun she had with Pengy and how happy she was to wear the maid suit. The final Pengy moe internal vision stuff fills in… she was spying on her with a giant telescope. Kujira gets one more attack in.

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5 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • sage says:

    Another pretty short episode bulked up by the annoying advertisement girl


  • AGear2Ax says:

    Somebody, replace that annoying advertisement girl, only hearing her voice I die with pain!!! Why she exist!!!

  • Hibiki says:

    I think Saki’s perfect for an ULTRA TERRA OMEGA GALAXY MOE chara. Dunno why some ppl hate her, differences in preferences I guess….

  • this is blackgrape says:

    ¡¡¡¡ME GUU’TA!!!!!

  • ryan paul says:

    WHAT ANIME IS THIS!!!!! i can’t find out what it is =/