Dragonaut #01 — Boobs

October 3rd, 2007


More white meat than you’ll see for the rest of the season.

Sorry for the delay, I was off being a social butterfly to watch some NHL and Heroes.


 So many of Gonzo’s issues could be fixed if they just fired all their directors and replaced them with a pack of chimps. There’s a lot to like about Dragonaut, mostly okay art, nice animation, blatant fanservice thrust so far in your face that you’re drowning in nipples boobs mammories, but at the same time, everything in here is so generic and rehashed that this ‘original’ story feels the same as a thousand others. Even the character designs seem ripped straight from… well… any mecha show from the past three years.

As I said, the animation is usually pretty good, but there are some very awkward moments, mostly resulting from strange camera angles and the animators having no clue how to draw people moving. For example, there’s one part at around the 13:30 mark where a guy looks down from an overhead light, and instead of his hair moving, his forehead simply lengthens. The CG is also pretty terrible. It also bears noting that while the first episode is rather decently animated, the OP is not, and with Gonzo’s (deserved) reputation for going all out to start a series and then letting things drift off, that really doesn’t bode particularly well for the show’s budget.

In the end, there isn’t really one thing I can point to and say “this is why I don’t like Dragonaut,” but a number of things put together make it less than the sum of its parts. It really feels like a lot of elements all thrown together without any real plan or structure. I’ve gotten by on as much (see: Tokyo Majin), but when there’s about 20 seconds of decent action for every 5 minutes of awful CG, shoddy art, and FF breasts flung into the camera, it just feels like a bad experience all around.

No summaries for the first episodes. I write as I watch, and I don’t know if I’ll care about a show until after the first episode.

Dragonaut OP

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9 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • Karry says:

    Cant see a single case of fanservice from the screens.

  • Aroduc says:

    It wasn’t pleasant to look at, so I kind of weeded them out. If you really want to look at the scary scary oversized breasts though…

  • robin says:

    It’s the return of the “Tits-Blade” curse @_@

    That only comes to mind because I just finished watching Witchblade. Looks like the same B-team working on this show (that would be “B” as in “Boobs”).

  • Syaoran Li says:

    Oh boy!

    Tomokazu Sugita definitely isn’t made for grown-up man roles yet; he was funny as Jin’s father. I need to say that right away. And somebody tell me please; how Jin could survive that impact!?

    Well, then Sugita came back with another roll within the series, that was fast for him (it has to be the Tomokazu side of him). I don’t get the full extent of the series by now, but reminds me of Gundam Seed, obviously those two friends will fight each other for some strange reason and then will make up to fight a bigger challenge. A genetic-shounen series of this new century…

    And then… Jin wasn’t alone anymore. That made me laughs for a few seconds at the end of this episode. Looking a little bit closer this kind of thing, reminds me of Darker than Black, for the user/contractor thing.

    I look promising as a genetic-shounen series.

  • Aroduc says:

    The Haruhi All-Stars cast really is a bit bizarre.

    And it did have possibly the worst line ever. “It’s lonely when you’re by yourself.” I pity the flak the fansubbers will invariably receive over translating that one. Sometimes terrible writing is just terrible writing.

  • Nai says:

    Biggest thing to surprise, how did they not notice the meteor in the first place? Oh, nevermind, space traveling is something anyone can do after all.

  • JustHere says:

    So easy, to predict how is this Blue Beast…

    See Screen Nr. 29. Voila, there you have our Villian Blue beast…

  • Kirby says:

    Ahahaha, when I watched the opening, I figured: “Hey, maybe they just wanted to showcase the b00bz, just this one time!” Haha, NO. The only flat-chested girl besides the obligatory loli died in like the first five minutes.

    While I can see myself watching one or two more episodes of this if not just for trying to figure out the story (though it might end up being obvious), this definitely confirms the idea that Most Writers are Male in this show.

  • LazyMcChan says:

    Wahay! b00bz! After a while they’ll just blur into the background, like they usually do. For, the moment i don’t see what y’all’s problem is? Its not like giant mammaries are anything new.