Meiji Tokyo on my Head #01 — Pastel Bubble Nightmare

January 9th, 2019


Whoever invented that filter really missed out by not trademarking it.

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Author Enervated; Please Wait Warmly

October 23rd, 2017

Internet capability at my vacation destination was somehow overstated in this day and age, leaving me a lot more cut off than expected from anything but basic e-mail, and then my 8 hour trip home became a 23 hour one, featuring a visit to a corner of the United States I wasn't expecting, 5 hours of trying to nap while about twenty Wheel of Fortune slot machines kept shouting "Wheel of Fortune!", and two more overpriced janky airport meals than my stomach appreciates. And the dogs decided to reward me by filling the entryway with poop. Catch up from the last week may start tonight after a very long nap and bleaching of floors, but will more likely be throughout the day tomorrow.

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Beyond the Borders

November 20th, 2013

Thank you and good night.

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The Mostly Ugly Entirely Japanese-less Side of Translating

August 27th, 2013

I couldn’t think of anything to post again.

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A Random Spew of Bile Directed at A Few Recent RPGs

August 21st, 2013


I got tired of grabbing pics before I made it through all the games.

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Fat Nuns, Rape Dragons, Gate Sheep, and A Call for Jews

August 28th, 2012

Mainly it’s the Jews.

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Tina Fey, James Franco, and an Anime Hug Pillow

January 14th, 2010

I’m not sure whether I should be terrified by anime hug pillows hitting broadcast TV, or relieved that it’s obviously a fake half-assed one. Either way…

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Technical Difficulties — Please Wait Warmly…

June 18th, 2009

Having some technical gubbins… I believe is the correct term. Attempting to sort it out. Don’t worry, I almost certainly won’t have anything important to say until the weekend anyway.

Edit: Site was just down briefly because the greater Seiha domain began going nuts with system resources causing things to crash. The runaway script has been nuked and everything is back to normal… arguably better than normal.

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Keeping Up With Spidey

February 17th, 2009

I’ll be the first to admit that this season has been a little lacking so far compared to the first, thanks mostly to a somewhat lackluster rehash of the Fantastic 4 and Doc Ock’s somewhat inane plan to tap his brain into all the world’s modems, but this week’s episode shows that they’ve still got the chops, and a mediocre Spidey episode is still worlds beyond any of the other action anime shows I’ve been watching this season no-I-am-not-looking-at-you-Index-Abyss-or-Casshern. And that clip above doesn’t include the shorter fight in the same episode where Sandman went all Gilgamesh on us to quad-wield antique weaponry. Bringing Venom back halfway through the season, along with having Cletus Kasady hanging around the mental institute makes me hopeful for a Carnage season (maybe series) ender. Sure… it’s not the Gwen-as-Carnage that would be awesome, but it’d still be pretty cool. Brock being one really insane SOB just makes me smile all over.

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Apologies for the Downtime

February 10th, 2009

Man. I have no idea what it is about this installation of WP, but it invariably breaks every time I upgrade it. I’ve had 2.7 running on a different one for awhile, and have just been putting it off because I hate the dashboard. I thought I had the root cause solved, but apparently not. This time, it worked fine for 12 hours, then seized up and vomited all over itself. I thought it was a problem with my host since there were server hiccups around the same time, but they were blameless here. Then the internal redirection stopped working and… ugh. I think it’s all fixed now though. Apologies.

For those interested, I finished up the script stuff for Battle Moon Wars last weekend. While I’d personally suggest waiting on it since Werk introduced a slew of errors to Act 1 that they haven’t patched (but I’ve done my best to fix) and the New Game+ upper difficulties being occasionally impossible… Well… let’s just hope they fix them when they put out the Saber Lily/Magical Amber/Naughty Schoolgirl Haruna patch in a month or two. Only a few system messages in the exe (which will have to be redone anyway, so I can’t really bring myself to care yet) and the dictionaries (oh boy! character notes!) are left. Grab the patch here.

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