Battle Moon Wars Perfect Edition Promo

April 24th, 2009

Nice to see that Nanaya’s getting a new attack since his old ones are pretty lame. Otherwise, not really much else we haven’t seen before, aside from Magical Amber’s giant ass. Out next week. Hopefully they won’t putz up early files too much and I’ll be able to quickly get a patch out to encompass the new stuff. They’ve also uploaded a new demo, although from the screenshots they posted, it looks like it’s just the original act 1 demo with the new engine.

Edit: The trial is a free release of act 1 with the new engine and the new attacks for Takumi, Haruna, and Nanaya… but if you’re lazy… just watch this.

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Battle Moon Wars Act 4 Full Version Released

October 4th, 2008

Yes, I am aware that it’s out. It adds a character dictionary, sound dictionary, changes some minor interface stuff (uuuugggghhhh), and adds a New Game+. I’ll get around to version checking the previous… er… version and incorporating the changes into the patch (along with the finished script files for up to stage 42, which is about 50% of the script) as soon as premier week is over, so expect something around next weekend. A quick glance shows that no new stages were added and only the Mech-Hisui Mazinger attack was undummied. No Sugoi Beam for you, sorry.

Aaaaaaaaand back to the premiers. Just Kemeko left for today… and Tales of the Abyss 2… Thank Zeus. Since I’m expecting a new OP for ZKC, I think I’m going to punt on covering the stream this week. You’ll survive… somehow. I may not get to that until tomorrow then. *shrug*

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Battle Moon Wars 4 Full Edition Out October 5th

September 18th, 2008

Yeah, I’m really looking forward to going through and version checking all the files for a second time. They are adding a character/enemy dictionary, at least one new attack (M-Hisui’s Jet), though Aoko will probably also be getting a second attack and from looking at the dummied out data from the game files, probably a stage 52 as well. Who knows though. This comes out in the middle of the Fall season premiers… so… I may put it off a week or so until the… 28 or so shows that start in the first week of October are dealt with. Oh, and I’m edging closer and closer to a release of at least the first half of the script for Act 4. Maybe Monday. The main issue is that the first two stages of Act 4 are almost a full third of the entire script… so… I easily get distracted and just wander off to work on the shorter later stages.

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Wherein I Make Battle Moon Wars Act 4 Playable: Stage 50 Glitch

August 17th, 2008


If you made it to stage 50 and the game suddenly stopped working, you’re not alone. Werk left some bad code in there which forces the game to endlessly wait for something that is apparently never going to happen. Replace your data9.dat with this one and things will work fine. Alright. Enough random acts of fixing parts of stages that I haven’t even gotten to myself yet. Off to Sleepyville. Population: Me.

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C74 — Battle Moon Wars Act 4 Quick Note

August 16th, 2008


Bowgirl Sakura is pretty hot… and with all her support skills already in place, awesome as hell now. Anyway, the first stage of Act 4 is an all out brawl, which I so am not in the mood to spend an hour slugging through. As far as translation and whatnot go… good news! The interface is basically unchanged. Data10 contains only 10 files to update, and while one of them is the Spirit Search, which is one of the more irritating things to edit, it’s done in a far simpler manner this time. Expect a patch out by the end of next weekend, if not sooner, bringing the old Act 3 patch up to date with the new stuff here, as well as covering all the Act 4 battle quotes, victory conditions, etc etc.

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Battle Moon Wars Act 4 Character Roster

August 15th, 2008


Spoilers, duh.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Editing Battle Moon Wars

July 30th, 2008


But were too afraid of Takumi to ask.

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Battle Moon Wars Translation — Journey’s (Temporary) End

July 15th, 2008

So close to being temporarily finished, I can temporarily taste it.

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Battle Moon Wars Official Patch Funtimes

May 1st, 2008

Just as an FYI. Werk released a new patch for BMW Act 3 yesterday. Supposedly, all it fixes is the memory leak issue and some of the BGM/SE corruption issues, but I’m going over all their files with a fine-tooth comb to make sure nothing else is out of place. I’m really really trying hard to completely finish off Act 2 by the weekend, and god willing, I’ll be able to incorporate all the updates. I’m still going to need to remake a ‘master’ patch, but if you’ve already patched, then at least at first glance, you’ll likely just need a replacement exe. I’ll keep you informed though.

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