Monster Girl Doctor #01 — Dougie Howser DVM

July 4th, 2020


I'm no expert in centaur physiology, but not checking the feet seems dodgy.


Or maybe it's the CGI pixies running around. Or maybe that this somehow was the closest thing to an actual attempt at writing that this day has had, and this show isn't even a Saturday show. It's a Sunday show that starts broadcasting next week, but simulcasts tossed out an episode a week early. I would hope they take the extra week to fix the animation, because even setting the pixies aside, some of it is pretty laughably bad. Then again, a lizard woman having some kind of jerky seizure that they're trying to pass off as a fighting stance was the closest it came to actual jokes.

Which isn't to say it was an even marginally competent story. Centaur woman is on a losing streak. There's your conflict for the protagonist to figure out. And then they jump straight to it's that she lost her shoes, and… that's it. So they stick new shoes on her. Not exactly anybody learning a valuable lesson, or having an epiphany, or anything like that. They literally hold her down, shove a phallus in her mouth, and force her while she moans about how good it feels. This is also the same character whose sole lines at this point were to tell the dude how much she wants him to impregnate her. But I feel like twenty minutes of softcore porn is a little less objectionable than 20 minutes of fetishized genocide of inferior beings while a dutch wife impassively watches on, so… that's where we are today. A fitting set of shows for the Fourth.

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