HxEros #02 — Rerun

July 10th, 2020


It's the second episode. How are you out of ideas already?

I'm out of town until Tuesday evening. I assume posting will be a little delayed, but uninterrupted (not that there's anything on Sundays, or much on Saturdays), but that depends on if my remote connection to the home laptop(s) stays up or not.


Given the sparseness of the season, I felt like giving this a second look more than my customary quick glance despite the abysmal first episode to see if it improved in any way. Who knows? Maybe the other characters could have been particularly fun. Maybe now that it had the introduction to its non-premise out of the way, it might actually try having some kind of plot, story, or character development. Maybe they found a budget after the first episode. Maybe someone realized that it could be a parody.

It did none of those things, but it might have. If anything, this was arguably worse than the first episode simply because it was by and large a rehash of the first episode from top to bottom. The main difference was that the rest of the harem showed up at the start and end. Weren't involved in any of the rest of the episode, mind you, but showed up to be vestigial additions to the show in two places instead of one. Otherwise, same bit about the yellow haired girl being repressed. Same exploding clothes and 'action' scene that is just a single punch. Same shrieking and then punching the dude because of bad fanservice cliches. 


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