Hidden Work #01 — Overreacting Extremely Loudly

April 2nd, 2020




Also, for title drops goddamned constantly. I'm not sure if they were just so satisfied with that tiny bit of wordplay, or if it's a sign that they couldn't think up any other gags. Since so much of the humor is just the protagonist overreacting by screaming a recitation of the event that just happened, I'm assuming it's mostly the latter. It started so boringly too; pretending like this was some kind of melodrama about a little girl and her father working in manga. Then the OP kicked in, the shouting started, and it simply never stopped. Ten seconds couldn't pass without someone screaming a response to something.

Which is to say that your enjoyment of this is probably going to hinge on how high on your turn-on list being screamed at by Japanese men lies. Unlike its spiritual predecessor, Zetsubou Sensei, the characters and situations here are particularly surreal or absurd. I'm not sure there's any less screaming here than there, to be honest, but removing the ridiculousness just leaves people shouting inanely about mundane things. I guess at least there were two distinct parts, and the second had an A and a B plot that came together, so… you know, the barest hint of structure that is lacking in most anime, and kept it from being a loud buzz of white noise for the full twenty minutes. When everybody is shouting though, it's hard to figure out much distinction between any of the characters though.

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  • The Phantom says:

    so what the hell happened to the mother? Not that I was paying much attention either.

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