Gleipnir #01 — WereCostume

April 5th, 2020


Boy, this dude is setting a new bar for pathetic.


What on earth is going on with this show whenever it has to actually animate something? Not the half-assed static effect it keeps using for flashbacks, or even that the protagonist was all "I gotta rape this unconscious girl" in the middle of his unending internal narrations about how he has no idea what's going on or why he's for all intents and purposes a werewolf but in mascot costume form. Seriously. It never ends with this putz. I'm talking about the way the animation slows to about half speed and starts skipping frames. Whether it's punching a wall, jumping a tall building in one bound, or someone standing up and turning around. Is it trying to be super dramatic?

The protagonist is really the anchor on this show, even more than the janky animation and laboriously moving plot. Above and beyond the pointless constant internal narration explaining goddamned everything, or more specifically, how he's ignorant of everything, everything he says and does is a plaintive wail about his own helplessness and patheticness. Then the female lead starts stripping in front of him, he screams in terror, and the music kicks in to hot jazz for some reason. At least as the episode wore on, he shut up a bit.

It was a pretty mediocre start to what's only promising to be the standard fanservicey pretending-to-be-dark-but-really-isn't-at-all battle royale with magical harem kind of thing. Then again, its only competition on Sundays are that gacha show that was all tutorials, and it certainly surpassed that, so bully for it.


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3 Shouts From the Peanut Gallery

  • The Phantom says:

    It was entertaining, was bored @ the beginning but at least this will show or at least try to show some action, meh male lead, okish female, decent but brief action, I give it a pass.

  • Anthony Baranyi says:

    They left out little bits of the manga that made the story in the manga much edgier and darker. I guess that the anime creators want the MC to be wimpier rather than psychotic. I don’t like the changes and I won’t be watching any more of the anime.

  • jgoi says:

    Hopefully they don’t remove too much fanservice. Preferably they remove none of it.

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