Arte #01 — Daddy Issues

April 4th, 2020


Teenager drama!


I couldn't help but laugh at this show. Note, not because it was a comedy. Because the drama was so ridiculous. Yeah, sure, her art teacher is an artist, but girls can't be artists! And what's more, you're a rich girl! Having a beautiful rich teenage girl working for me as my servant would bring shame upon my hovel! This is such an insult that I must physically assault her! Violence is the only language the rich and powerful understand! But she's such an independent girl who doesn't need no man to pursue her dreams. And she's going to give up her femininity to do so! Oh, but not the froofy dresses, jewelery, or heavy eyeshadow. There's a whole scene of her packing all her belonging up to bring them with her. We just mean a haircut. That's the sacrifice she's making. And she just wants to be an artist because her dead father said it's what makes her truly alive, and she's so independent that she's willing to enslave herself to a random man she's never met to prove her independence!

It's just too silly to take the drama seriously, but it sure as hell ain't a comedy either. It's also not subtle. There's an entire montage of the episode some fifteen minutes in where she flat out recaps everything from start to finish and declares how woeful her privileged life was because she had a whole afternoon of people telling her no. Which means that there's still like a third of the episode left after the ostensible emotional non-primal scream. But she shall overcome this trial to do the thing she truly loves. …Which is something we're barely going to even touch on aside from one quick infodump about how to make paintboards or something. Could've been about making ramen and only 0.4% of the script would have needed to be changed.

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