In/Spectre #10 — One Month in the Back Seat

March 14th, 2020


My god, how is this arc still going on with no end in sight?


The above probably gives away that this is another episode precisely like the previous one. I was thinking as I opened this to watch it how they might be able to salvage things at this point. I think the best way would probably be to refocus on the dude fighting the boob-ghost. They wouldn't need to give up having the halfwit in the car narrate how she's trolling conspiracy theorists on the internet, just actually connect it to the fight in some way. Like he's struggling against her because of her strength, so push things specifically undermining that. Then Whose-Her-Face in the hospital spreads some rumor strengthening her in some way through the narrative, and you can generate an actual back and forth going on with ups and downs in the interesting and important part of the conflict.

But that's wishful thinking. This was the exact same as last week. Twenty straight minutes of sitting in the back seat of a car, listening to a 15 year old teenage girl narrate her trolling to random dudes on a tiny message board at 11pm on a weekday night. It's a good thing nobody just banned her for spam, or spite, and every single person is patiently waiting for her to QAnon them whichever way she feels like. 

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One Lonely Comment

  • Anonymous says:

    Is there free will or not? does kuro picking a line determine how everyone will act and if not what the use of him dying over and over?I get that he is staling her but anything beyond that?

    >at 11pm on a weekday night
    good point, its not like the psychic energy supporting the construct would be fully on line at one time and in one place. Its not like than persona 5ed it by sending a notice and saying they would have major revelations about the ghost. Changes to the construct are being made too fast for the listening sample not to be the majority unless it represents only the people actively thinking about her at the time, then kuro would have to refight the same ghosts weakened versions multiple times until most people are on the same pages and there is not enough support for a single theory to maintain any construct.

    This and idinvaders are exasperatingly bad but people I know swear to me they are in tears from emotions.

    anyway I suspect that when all is said and done they will still be buddy buddy with the cousin. It would be ironic the ex-gf being the killer theory took of and she got hounded as much as karin.

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