Interspecies Reviewers #08 — Wherein the Species is Nerds

February 29th, 2020


Are sadism and roleplaying really a different species?


I'd be a bit harsher on the first segment doing just plain roleplaying and/or sadism if it wasn't probably the strongest the show's been in a while, mostly because it wasn't really concerned with constantly filling the screen with shrieking, moaning women and tried for some jokes instead. For some reason, they were able to come up with enough material on people being terrible actors and writing terrible scripts. Can't possibly imagine why. Even bad at moaning and having sex, which feels like a vein of potential humor that the show's hardly tapped at all.

The second segment was mostly notable because this is I think the third different version of the word 'succubus' that they've used to refer to a different thing, not even counting 淫魔, which is translated as succubus 99 times out a hundred. It took the opposite approach of the first and filled it with only shrieking moaning women having sex with a bottle of mayonnaise, as if it's seeking to answer the question "How much can you get out of watching someone give oral sex to a condiment?" Couldn't they have at least stolen the gag from that one ketchup ad?


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