Fun Animal Facts #07 — Gender Issues

February 17th, 2020


The main issue is that the writers are terrible.


Just like the last time this show tried to tackle gender identity issues, it's so much easier to just go after how badly written it is than its hamfisted and misdirected message. How many of these fun facts have so far been about how the females are the alphas in the species, and particularly, that female hyenas fight things? The former especially is a fun fact that comes up virtually every episode. So here's an episode about how being a female means being demure, feminine, and taking baths together. And her family is overjoyed because she's finally became a real female hyena… completely ignoring the fun fact that is her entire schtick. But then she fails at it because she spits up pellets, and girls just don't have any kind of biological functions.

But the real damning part of this episode has nothing to do with its awful gender politics stance. It's the badger girl that is constantly running in and out of the episode. It was bad enough to have one Japanese woman trying to sound like a helium-huffing obnoxious four year old by talking through the nose, so let's have a second one that shouts even more. The fun fact about badgers is that they're invulnerable and spray musk. I question where you're getting your facts, show. And you're not even going to use that for a fart joke? A fart joke might be a step up. Also, you already have a character that is constantly dying, but not, so a second character whose schtick is that any abuse happens to her but she doesn't die is ground already tread.

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  • Ark noir says:

    Jin being a jerk is the only redeeming feature of this anime.

  • Ark noir says:

    And the nearly facts

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