Animal Fun Facts #06 — Faulty Chinese Import

February 10th, 2020


"Does anybody know anything about pandas? No? Well, crap."


Another episode where the fruit seems so low hanging that you're tripping over it, yet somehow still not only remained out of reach, but they didn't even notice it and instead ran into closed door, giving itself a concussion. …Okay, perhaps not the best analogy, but anime writing is rotting my brain lately and this episode did no favors. It was a whole episode about a panda, and the fun facts about pandas were… "pandas are popular" and… that was it. Nothing about them being giant incompetent nitwits, being too pissy to mate, the experiments trying to get them to mate by forcing them to watch panda porn, or even taking a darker path about them being doomed to extinction in the wild due to their dumbass bamboo diet. And yes, the panda porn thing is true. Pandas are profoundly stupid creatures.

But none of that. Just… "pandas are popular," so here's a rerun of the "cats are popular" bit from a month ago. Maybe if you stretch a point, a couple of the things she did or the way she dressed were slightly Chinese. Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Except let's make it worse by having her love Jin yelling at and berating her. Not in the parody-sense, like Juuden's please-beat-me-with-a-baseball-bat gag. Jin being an unrelenting jackass for any and all possible reasons is just another reason why he's so wonderful. Reliving the greatest hits after a blissful episode free from his crap. Even the part with her in a cage was a fun fact about… owning a cat as a pet, and the only animal fun fact in the entire second half of the episode, which was still technically more animal fun facts than the first half of the episode.

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