Zoo School #02 — The Hareming

January 14th, 2020


Is the fun fact about horses going to be that they have hooves?


This is by default, the winner of the Monday shows, which consist of only this and a boy band thing that I'd rather not dignify. Not sure there's much worth dignifying here either though. The protagonist continues to be an unrelenting no-fun-allowed jackass, but he allows them to breathe the same air as him which shows that he's actually a big softie. The dog is the only one whose animal schtick is really working on any level. The cat's supposed hypnotic purring was a poor joke compared to just being referred to as Miss Mesu; mesu being technically "a female animal" but, well… let's just say that it's a word that crops up a lot in pornography meaning… uh… let's just leave it at thirsty. Very, very thirsty. That was also about the only fun fact about cats that the episode had.

The other two bits, about sloths and koalas were similarly empty of fun facts, let alone any real direction. At least the koala portion had two fun facts, but I don't know that "koalas eat eucalyptis" is enough to count as one so much as the only thing about them most people know. Can't we have a gag about drop bears at least? The sloth bit somehow managed to be even worse than the other two despite technically containing the most facts. Every now and then, the narrator would cut in to yell "AND THEY DIE!" At least nobody was almost raped or murdered this week, but the show's schtick is only working for me with the dog so far, which is more on the hyperactive and weird end of the spectrum, while its attempts at actual jokes and getting me to like the protagonist are falling totally flat.

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  • anise_punter says:

    The side characters were a lot more fun than everybody introduced last week, but at least it didn’t try to be serious this time (I expect this to not last)

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