Toilet Boy Hanako #03 — Dropped Meet-Cute

January 23rd, 2020


Sure was nice of that dude to show up for five seconds of the episode.


This sort of damned itself on the title card by advertising that it was a multi-part affair, but still managed to have multiple baffling bits. Of note was the meet-cute with the magical spy dude who promptly vanished from the rest of the episode, but also the ending schtick. The ghost of the week fortnight sends them on a scavenger hunt for her body parts, so you'd think they'd be… going on a scavenger hunt for body parts, right? That's used for one joke, then it yada yada timeskip montages over the rest, says "Wow, that sure was weird and suspicious" and then the episode ends. 

Pretty sure this episode could have spent its time better. Perhaps by cutting out the meet-cute, or maybe cutting out that weird info dump in the second half about how they need to find the source of its power, which already happens to be the direction that they're going in, which also happens to be where the ghost is. But yeah, we needed a whole three minute speech forewarning us all about that… which will be coming up next week. And since we also never got any kind of follow up to the meet-cute, the rallying cry of this episode may as well have been "here's some exposition that may or may not be relevant in a week. See you then." Both of you Thursday shows were just plain awful and should be ashamed of yourselves.

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