Toilet Boy Hanako #02 — Frame By Frame Fighting

January 16th, 2020


This isn't what frame canceling is.


I'm not sold on this either though, and am kind of tempted to commit to Dendrogram just because I'm 99% certain it will fill me with enough bile and room to rant about how godawful it is to really feel alive. There were a few problems with this episode though, above and beyond the animation still being in the crapper, mostly metaphorically. The key thrust of the first episode was that Hanako is a spirit who is nothing like the rumors say. So the first half and its resolution is about how rumors define what spirits are and do. Do we not see the contradictions here? Considering that it then changed the rumor to be "if a gremlin steals something from you, carry candy," not "leave candy out and they'll return it" or anything like that, I'm guessing no.

The second half (well, more like the remaining third) has the token rival character pop up out of nowhere to try to club the titular character in the face. It might've worked better had the two storylines been woven together somehow, like Not-Vegeta assuming Hanako was behind the murderous little gremlins or something, leading to Yashiro declaring/deciding on the friend thing, but that stuff was already over and declared long before this point, so it's kind of just a blonde jackass jumping out of a closet to yell "you murdered… uh… someone… sometime," followed by an embarrassingly unanimated non-fight, and then the episode is just over without any real resolution to that segment except that somebody wandered off. 

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