Smile on the Runway #01 — Fashionista Disaster

January 12th, 2020


Seriously, how is this even a thing?


I was prepared for this show to lose me with its incomprehensible premise that it's impossible to be a model if you're not a certain height just because that's such a bizarre and arbitrary thing to a fashion muggle like myself. I wasn't prepared for the lengths that they were going to go to attempt to show how much of a barrier it is, nor how godawful they would be at it. The direction they picked was to show that she has literally every advantage humanly possible except that she's a few inches too short. Her family is rich and in the fashion business. She has personal connections through the industry. She gets preferential treatment at auditions. No, seriously. A character almost back to back goes "We're not going to give you preferential treatment just because your dad writes our checks," then turns to her coworker and goes "Yeah, we're going to keep giving her preferential treatment because we know her."

It gets even worse though. She stumbles upon a super genius designer who just happened to be in her backyard. When she puts on his clothes, everybody's breath is taken away. Literally. As in she walks into a room and everything explodes in cherry petals. Finally, her adversity is overcome and she will be given the chance she always dreamed of, thanks to… having put on some nice clothes? This fancies itself to be about a plucky girl, overcoming all odds to do what she loves, but it's more like a Kardashian biopic on how she succeeded in life all on her own without any help from anybody. It's insincere nonsense at best, and mostly baffling hypocrisy that overrides all else.

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  • anise_punter says:

    Look at that girl, that is a girl that never has to work a single day in her life if she doesn’t want to.

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