Shield Heroine #03 — Get Drunk and Stare Into Space

January 22nd, 2020


Sounds like a Friday night without the existential anxiety attacks.


The first culling phase of the season is over, and so begins the second as shows reach either their peak and/or nadir as they hit the conclusion of their introductory arc and then settle into the white noise that will be the default moving forward. This was a very very white noise kind of episode. They kind of bum around, discuss patch notes that claim affect them a bunch but don't actually affect them in any way whatsoever, sit at a table and get high off tea and crumpets and become baffled because there's still about five minutes of the episode left, so it starts in on the introduction for the next bit, which is just "Hey, how about another tournament?"

It's slightly upsetting because they're putting at least a modicum of effort into animating the action scenes here, at least moreso than shows like Plunderer are, but putting zero effort into anything else, which is making it really hard to want to commit to continuing to watch this. There's nothing to the characters but "yay friendship." There's nothing to the humor but the one joke that's already been made about her being invincible. There's no conflict here, let alone any kind of character drama that might make them interesting or compelling, to say nothing of growing in any way, which is especially damning when there's only two named characters after three whole episodes. They don't need to be struggling with the nature of humanity, but at least the bare minimum of the kind of plot you'd find on a Futurama or Adventure Time episode could provide the thinnest whiff of substance to anchor and provide some direction.

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  • Anonymous says:

    isn’t this anime just a worst SAO? the headset they use to dive is even the same and the characters even do stuff irl that we can see so i mean the plot is kinda dumb and the comedy is non existent so i don’t get how this anime has such good reviews on the rest of the internet.

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