Shield Heroine #02 — Mount and Blade

January 15th, 2020


Oh, it's just whatever build a protagonist picks that's broken overpowered.


And we'll call this the Plunderer post too, because the first half of its episode was largely the same as the first half of this one; one dude just sort of vaguely waving their hand and everybody falling over. The big difference between that and this is that this was supposed to be funny, and there we were supposed to be awestruck by it going headfirst into whatever that "teleports behind you, nothing personal" meme/cliche is. It loses a few extra points for how goddamned long the segment was where the guy batters, torments, and generally tortures someone who is clearly helpless. The second half was a bunch more exposition about how the Dragonball is so super special and he's taking on the sin of people thinking he has it… but it's largely just another expositional dump to a resident of the world about basic facts of the world that she is somehow totally ignorant of.

Here, the second half actually exceeded the first, even if it was largely Final Fantasy X's opening fish-fight sequence, complete with jailbait. Abandoning the pretense that it's a parody did it some good, but actually putting a teensy bit of effort into animating the action did it more good. Only a little though, as the fight still was her flailing ineffectively until all of a sudden it spontaneously dropped dead, her not actually having done anything different. She then congratulated herself and told the audience that no, she had actually done something different and Tried Harder. Yeah, uh, sure. Whatever.

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