Orphen #02 — Going Backwards

January 14th, 2020


Hell yeah, I love me when we spend the episode in an unneeded flashback.


This show certainly ain't interested in being any kind of fantasy adventure. Or adventure. Or in all honesty, fantasy. While the obnoxious childish dwarves were mostly sidelined this week, it instead introduced a host of new characters through flashback who had the same schtick as them, being childish, obnoxious, and relentlessly loud. No, ending with it showing them all being grown up and supposedly serious business doesn't help. Over half the episode was spent in a goddamned flashback to introduce characters only to show that they were no longer the characters it just introduced. Virtually no new information was obtained from the flashback. Nothing interesting happened. It was just the same schticky slapstick schlock from the first episode, just with a different set of dumbasses. I apparently get alliterative when I'm feeling testy.

So no, this does not scratch the fantasy itch of retro shows like Slayers, or even somewhat more recent things like Chaika. The only thing it's doing consistently so far is corny throwback slapstick, and even that it's doing by being loud. The action was already weak in the first episode, and it's completely gone by the second while the story may have actually moved backwards slightly. Good god. Is obeying the laws of time in your narrative really too much to ask for?

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