Oda Cinnamon Nobunaga #01 — Bad Times at the Dog Park

January 11th, 2020


Why are all the owners waiting outside the dog park?


As we're finally wending our way towards the end of the shows where animals are people, we come to a show that is trying to milk its premise as hard as possible. A dog declares that he's actually Nobunaga. How many laughs can we get from that? At one point early on, it imagines him as a naked dude being walked. If it continued in that vein, it might have teased out a few chuckles just from being super bizarre, although it would have likely done better to just go with men acting like dogs rather than dogs saying they're men. And by saying, I mean declaring at the volume of yell, usually while making some kind of shocked face. Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, that's a one-off thing.

And that's pretty much all that it has going for it. Dogs yelling that they're actually dudes. First Nobunaga. Then others. Then we return to him talking about his name so we can have another dog do the same. If that joke does it for you, great. Here's the show of your dreams. God only knows what led you to that place in your life, but it is now fulfilled. Except also kind of not, because it just straight up stops even pretending to be a comedy towards the end to give a straight up history lesson and review on who Nobunaga and pals are. Why are you using these famous people who the audience is meant to recognize if you're then going to assume that the audience doesn't know who they are?


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