No Pain, Overly Long Title #01 — Reading Status Screens

January 8th, 2020


Slay the Spire wants its Silent poison build back.


I wonder if this show is supposed to be a comedy. If it was, you'd think it'd have some jokes, which it doesn't. It has a girl. She sort of makes stupid faces if you want to stretch a point. She does read a lot of status screens. Uh… I'm not really sure what else more there is to it than that. Like I said in the season preview, I'm always a bit mystified by shows like this because they act like they're about MMOs and/or RPGs but don't seem to know the first thing about them. In this case, it sets up the premise that "By singlemindedly grinding, and overspecializing, you can completely break the system." Okay, that's sort of a start of a thing that is broadly true about most RPGs. It then follows it up by going "Well, what's a long time to grind? Like… five minutes? Well, she's doing it for an hour. Isn't that quirky?" …Not really? It's not even trying to play it off as intentionally ridiculous like, say, One Punch Man's "I did 100 push ups a day." And this is the closest thing it has to a joke.

At its peak, its a girl Doing Her Bestest nibbling on a dragon, and at its default level, it's a girl reading off RPG status screens. I remember the promos being better animated too, not to mention having what at least appeared to be some action, which I guess was in the next episode preview somewhat. This episode was absolute tedium and stupidity though, written by people who don't know enough about RPGs to either adequately parody, reference, or even describe them, which is kind of damning when you're putting so many of your eggs in the basket marked "reading the manual."

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  • anise_punter says:

    If you’re aiming for the “girl doing her best makes dumb faces” audience then you need to know going in that said audience has zero tolerance for dudes in their anime so what are they doing?

  • Noname says:

    I do not understand why this series is having such a good reception and in MAL, these are practically the same as the isekai of the smartphone, I suppose having another protagonist moeblob gives you some advantage

  • Anonymous says:

    Im no expert but vitality is HP stat, right? rarely have I seen it contribute to defense, in those cases every stat boosts 3 overlaping attributes and you make your build by putting it in stats that give you max overlap on the attributes you want and there is usually a cap like you cant put more than 20 in X stat until you are level Y,etc.

    This is a very minor thing but its also the only takeaway for me from this episode.

  • Anonymous says:

    I wonder if she will need a teammate to do dps or will they give her a workaround were she does not get stuck in a loop were she cant retreat and neither her or her opponent are doing enough damage to finish each other(monster with a regen)

  • Anonymous says:

    nvm, finished the ep found my answer.

  • ark noir says:

    Go play tactics ogre Let Us cling Together ‘anon’.

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