Interspecies Reviewers #02 — Dick Measuring Contest

January 18th, 2020


Also, cows.


Well, I guess this was sort of different from last week, although that's not a compliment, and we were on shakey ground to begin with. The first segment on fairies was about as expected, which is to say the one fun fact about them was "fairies are small" and then talking about the size of their dicks for about five straight minutes… except that the main joke it kept coming back to was the one in the title of the damn episode that you have to be small to have sex with fairies. I feel like they could at least wrung some humor from one of the Big Berthas being the best of the lot or something along those lines. At least do something unexpected. No, the angel having the biggest dick is not unexpected.

After that, the episode lost focus, which is a weird thing to say because it didn't have much to begin with. Basically a bunch of weird exposition about politics. Is it a joke to say that orcs are for low taxes? The show seems to think so. But then at the end, it swerved into "Hey, minotaurs, yeah? You know, like cows? You know, udders? Anyway, milking." Granted, that was about what I expected, and I don't know what reason I might have had to hope for anything better than that, so I probably shouldn't.


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One Lonely Comment

  • Ark noir says:

    Best dick comparison scene in anime was buso of my fav anime ever.

    I think I like this anime for two reasons. One cos this is what you do in real life with a bunch of your mates down the pub/club. Shag bitrds then have banter with your mates about your conquest only these get paid. Second reason is in this woke society, its refreshing to see something so chauvinistic in this day.

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