Infinite Dendrogram #04 — Random Boss Encounter

January 30th, 2020


Just look at all those status screens!


I think that this episode sealed for me that I won't survive two godawful MMO shows in a season, and I'm heavily leaning towards the one with better animation and less emphasis on reading status screens. The two shows had shockingly similar episodes though. They ostensibly go out on a quest, but actually stumble onto some boss monster, and then beat it… somehow. Yesterday, they I guess tried a little harder. Here, they… tried a little harder and got a power up. So I guess this one had the better resolution to that somehow. God only knows why they put a power up bit against a monster that they quite literally simply tripped over, but it just speaks to how absolutely void of any plot, story, or character progression exists in this show despite blowing all of last week trying to tell us that there's definitely all kinds of lore and important dramatic stuff going on just offscreen on the other side of the continent.

And then, also like yesterday, boss defeated, it spends the last five minutes aimlessly dicking around, getting high off weird potions and murdering monsters for giggles. These are sentient, tool-wielding orcs, guys. They clearly have some kind of hierarchial tribal structure, and understand common decency in not exposing themselves. Heck, they have more women on the battlefield than you do. But you're out here in their territory, using rhinos to mow them down by the dozens, mindrape them into killing each other, while gleefully giggling about how cool it is to massacre the helpless. Where's your great concern for NPCs here? Green lives matter! …Anyway, this episode was stupid. Status screens are stupid. The protagonist we're supposed to be cheering for is stupid enough to shoot himself in the face with a fireball, but tee hee, now he has animal ears. Fantastic.

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