In/Spectre #03 — Faceless Boob Ghost

January 25th, 2020


Couldn't we have skipped the snake arc entirely?


Episodes like this make me wonder if editors or storyboards even exist at all in the anime production process. The inexplicable multi-episode snake-conversation arc ends without fanfare or, well, resolution, five minutes into this episode, whereupon it drops everything entirely to do a very, very overlong introduction to its next arc where it gives out the reveal that the new character is the ex-girlfriend, then five minutes later, tries to use that same reveal as the cliffhanger to end the episode. Not feeling like a lot of care or attention went into the structure here, and the goofy music at the end was definitely contributing to that.

But at least this arc promises a murdering faceless boob ghost swinging a girder, getting kicked in the face. After 1.25 episodes spent rambling to a reticent snake, that's ten thousand steps in a better direction. Still seems like something where the intro to it should have been done in either about 1-2 minutes before the OP, or at least held the connection to the main characters as the teaser for at least the commercial break, but baby steps.

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  • Anonymous says:

    >Couldn’t we have skipped the snake arc entirely?
    yes, yes we could have. She basically came up with bunch of stories until the snake found one that sounded right to it. The whole thing should have been 1 ep and part of a montage of the main couple solving various cases

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