Dorohedoro #01 — Death to Wizards

January 13th, 2020


This just makes me want to replay Torment.


I feel like this runs afoul of my rule against janky ugly CGI. I knew there would be quite a lot of it, and Mappa loves to use crappy CGI for its action scenes, but especially after the completely CGI-less OP, I was hoping that it wouldn't be essentially 100% CGI animated art. It's a weird blending that makes the animation always look like it's dropping frames. I also feel sort of hypocritical because ARP's promos were 100% godawful CGI stuff, and the CGI there is apparently just about a third of the episode. Then again, it's a bog standard boy band show, so while I may feel hypocritical, I don't feel bad about skipping it.

As for the episode, it was okay. I enjoy the hyper competent blonde a lot more than the lizard dude. She kicks people in the face and breaks hands. He screams constantly like a hyperactive toddler and is just plain invincible to everything so far. That's literally his power. It was an okay episode in that the exposition on the overly complicated setting was at least not things patently obvious to everybody, but it definitely could/should have framed itself around the monster wizard of the week. Or just not had him there at all since it was introduced and then wrapped up in about two minutes before going "Anyway, back to the main plot." Except there were still like five minutes left in the episode, enough time for prophetic dreams and mugging some poor random Team Skull member. Then, after that, a completely different cliffhanger. …Actually, the more I think write about it, the most of a disaster the last half of the episode feels. I guess at least some things were happening. But cohesion would be nice. As would it not being janky ugly CGI enhanced animation.

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