Don’t Dabble With Video #02 — Failure to Launch

January 14th, 2020


I don't think a girl falling from a railing is really America's Funniest Home Videos material.


I doubt this will be the winner of the Sunday shows, as I try to work my way through this, Pet, and ID, although I'll likely churn through Orphen next and as the last thing for the day just because I've already glanced at it and it looks sufficiently horrible enough to declare Tuesdays a lost cause. Like the first episode, and like that fashion show, it's continuing to drop the solution to absolutely everything straight into their laps, so there wasn't any real conflict, purpose, or challenge driving the episode. Last week merely ended on the damp squib of them realizing they were perfect for each other, but up to then at least had the meet-cute bit and then chase to liven things up. This had… a great big blank space for the first half.

Then we get to the second half and everything falls apart. "Don't do anime!" "Oh yeah? Screw you. We will." "Oh, okay then." That exchange was bad enough, but then they follow it up by quite literally tripping over an entire goddamned abandoned animation studio with what appears to be tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment just sitting around for them. Moving the fantastical sequence to the start of the episode and cutting way down on the animation flair by having no chase scene also didn't do the episode any favors. So the show's not really been about animation so far, and everything is being handed to these over-excitable clowns on a silver platter. I'm finding it difficult to like or root for them. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by someone being stabbed in the face, but fat chance of that.

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  • anise_punter says:

    But don’t you get it, the one character is purposely unattractive and it’s therefore incredibly creative

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