Darwin’s Game #03 — Resummarize

January 17th, 2020


Have you forgotten the premise of this show? This scene? This episode? Let's review.

I'm busy in the morning this weekend from pretty early in the morning until the early afternoon. I do plan on making at least one more post on Interspecies and In/Spectre on Saturday and… something on Sunday, but they won't come until the late afternoon.


I'm not not even sure where to begin with the problems in this episode. The excessive exposition about unimportant crap that doesn't matter? The repeated summaries and resummary of the summaries from the peanut gallery, along with the peanut gallery responding to them by going "Well, actually, I don't care about any of that"? The dude whose power is apparently super plants which also includes the ability to turn people into mind controlled zombies? How they're trying to unring the bell with Blondie by having her kill a bunch of apparently suicidal randos flocking to the person clearly killing everybody? I loved when they went "Aha, we can now use our powers because we've got her trapped!" And then they just died. I have absolutely no idea what was even supposed to happen there.

But it's probably how it ended on the 'shocking' twist that the hotel is just naturally covered in security cameras and they never once thought that the security cameras that are apparently everywhere might mean that… there are security cameras. Think about the logistics of that for a moment. Just from the one spot where he's standing, he shoots out three cameras. This is after racing all over the floor and around at least three corners. There are at minimum 26 floors. Also, we can see at the end that there are cameras in every room. And the dude responds to this by going "Aha, at least an opponent worthy of me." Uh… what? Just what?

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  • The Phantom says:

    So Sad when one of the best shows of the season is this shameless copy of Mirai Nikki…

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